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What Can Pool Automation Do For You?

What Can Pool Automation Do For You?

Pool Automation allows you to control your pool from a panel in your house, a wireless remote, or a smart phone. No more confusing trips out to the pool equipment trying to figure out what’s going on! Here are things you can do with automation:

  1. With smart phone pool automation, you can be out for the evening, and turn on your spa, start heating it, and it will be ready to jump in when you get home!
  2. Turn on your pool, spa, spa blower, water features, heater, and lights with the push of a button.
  3. With smart phone pool automation you can monitor the temperature, salt level, etc. while you are out of town.


Reclaimed Water and Your Pool

Should you fill your pool with reclaimed water? Your water bill says: “Florida law prohibits the use of reclaimed water to fill swimming pools.” There