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Pool Services in Cape Coral

Which Pool Service Plan is Right for You?
We offer two pool service plans to meet everyone’s requirements and budgets in and around Cape Coral. We include standard chemicals and pool service at one flat rate. If on the first visit, chemicals are below standard, there will be a one-time charge. There are no surprise charges.* We don’t have contracts. You can discontinue pool service at any time after one month.

What Does My Pool Doctor’s Pool Service Plans Include in Cape Coral?

10 Reasons Why The Pool Doctor is the Best Pool Service Company in SWFL

My Pool Doctor offers two pool service plans for residents in Cape Coral: plan A and plan B. Plan A includes a weekly check and balance of pool chemicals and a weekly cleaning of the pool’s bottom and tile. Additionally, the pool filter is cleaned once a month, and the surface is brushed, skimmed, and pump and skimmer baskets are emptied as needed. Plan B includes all of the same services but with a bi-weekly cleaning of the pool’s bottom and tile.

Choose the plan that best fits your pool maintenance needs below:

Plan A

Pool Cleaned Every Week

Each week we’ll check and balance the pool’s chemicals. Every week we’ll clean the pool; that means we’ll vacuum the bottom and clean the tile. Once a month we’ll clean the pool filter. We’ll brush the pool, skim the surface, and empty the pump and skimmer baskets as needed.


Plan B

Pool Cleaned Every Other Week

The chemicals will be checked and balanced each week. We will vacuum the pool’s bottom and clean the tile every other week. A monthly filter cleaning is scheduled. In addition to brushing and skimming the pool’s surface, we will empty the pump and skimmer baskets as necessary.

*If the pool needs to be re-cleaned after being drained, there will be additional charges. Additional charges will apply if the pool is in disarray (due to roof work, pressure washing the deck, a major storm, etc.)

The Pool Doctor is a Florida State Certified Swimming Pool/Spa Service Contractor (CPC#057088) and is fully insured.

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Why Hire A Professional to Service Your Pool in Cape Coral?

Maintaining a pool can be time-consuming and complex, so hiring a professional pool service company can be a smart choice for pool owners in Cape Coral.

My Pool Doctor has a team of expert technicians who have received the longest and most thorough training in the industry, ensuring that your pool will receive the best possible care. From consistent and reliable service to dependable scheduling and flat-rate pricing, My Pool Doctor offers a range of benefits to make pool maintenance as stress-free as possible.Here are ten reasons why you can rely on My Pool Doctor in and around Cape Coral for all your pool service needs:

  1. Expert Training: Our techs complete the longest and most thorough training in the market so they know how to service pools properly.
  2. Reliable Service: We service your pool regularly, complete a specific list of requirements, and leave a card outlining what we have done.
  3. Equipment Checked: We’ll check your equipment every visit and let you know if there are any issues.
  4. No Contracts: You can discontinue service at any time after one month.
  5. Consistent Service: We have low turnover, so you don’t have a new tech every other month.
  6. Accountable Techs: Their work is routinely reviewed by a supervisor, and their pay is immediately tied to the results of their review.
  7. Superior Techs: We have low turnover with our technicians because they receive profit sharing, health insurance, and other benefits.
  8. Dependable Scheduling: Your pool is always serviced; if a technician is sick or unable to work, a supervisor fills in to service your pool.
  9. Flat Rate Pricing: There are no surprise charges.
  10. Responsive Management: We pride ourselves in our responsive caring management style and taking excellent care of our customers’ pools.

Hiring a professional pool service company like My Pool Doctor will save you time, money, and stress in the long run. With expert technicians, reliable service, and a commitment to excellent customer care, you can rest assured that your pool will be well-maintained and crystal clear.

Contact us today for pool service you can count on in Cape Coral and Southwest Florida.