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Salt Water Pool Systems in Cape Coral

We sell, install & repair all major brands of salt systems.
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The benefits of salt chlorine systems are:

  • They steadily produce chlorine from salt, allowing you to maintain a lower level of chlorine in your pool which means no more red eyes, itchy skin, faded swimwear and green hair.
  • The low level of salt is like bath salts, you get silky smooth water.
  • Easier maintenance: the system continues to operate when you are out of town.
  • Never buy chlorine again! 

Pool Pilot Digital Nano

The Nano is the #1 seller in Florida! It has a full 2 year warranty that includes parts and labor.

Pentair iChlor

Pentair is the #1 manufacturer of pool equipment, and this system is simple to use.

Hayward AquaRite 900

Available with the AquaLogic pool automation controller. Has extended life turbo cell.