The Pool Doctor carries all major brands of pool equipment such as AquaCal, AutoPilot, Hayward, Pentair, StarRite, Jandy, Goldline, RayPak, Zodiac, FeherGuard and the Pool Cleaner. We are a warranty station for all the manufacturers listed above.

Here are some great ways to enjoy your pool more and/or save money:

Heat your pool! We recommend heat pumps because of their high efficiency. They look like an air conditioner, and actually take the heat out of the air and put it in the pool. Heat pumps work when solar won't, and don't require panels on your roof. Avoid propane heaters due to their very high operating costs.

Save money when buying a heat pump by considering the following: - Get the right size for your pool (or spa). - Get an efficient unit. Refer to ARI efficiency testing figures. - Consider the composition of the heat exchangers. Some units have inferior heat exchangers that will fail and cost many hundreds of dollars to repair. - Because the warranty term can be as long as 10 years, the right warranty can end up saving hundreds of dollars. - Buy from a reputable manufacturer so they will be around to honor the warranty.

Convert to salt! Salt chlorine generators make chlorine from salt. They allow a lower level of chlorine in your pool, and result in water with a soothing, smooth and silky feel that doesn't dry your skin out. Salt systems are catching on rapidly; most new pools are now built with them. We can update your pool to take advantage of this great new technology.

How do I get these products?

Visit our Retail Store in Cape Coral, FL
OR please call us (239) 574-1133.

If you have a spa, let us know, we can provide products for it as well.


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