Pool Cleaners

Pool Doctor is an authorized dealer of all major brands of pool cleaners.
Please stop by our store to inspect the pool cleaners or call (239) 574-1133 to talk pool cleaners.

Pentair Rebel

  • Our number one recommendation!
  • Least likely to get stuck on main drains, ladders and other obstacles
  • Simple design is reliable and has a long life
  • Works in all pool types: concrete, fiberglass and vinyl

Hayward ‘Navigator’ Pool Cleaner

The Hayward Navigator sets the standard in high-performance cleaning for in-ground pools of all types and sizes. Simple to install, Navigator features the exclusive SmartDrive® programmed steering which assures that the average pool will be cleaned in less than 3 – 4 hours.

Dolphin Echo

This “plug in” electric cleaner cleans much faster than traditional cleaners.
 The Echo operates independently of your pool pump/filter. No hoses!
 Brushes the floor and walls of the pool. No more brushing your pool!