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Don’t Like Chlorine? Ozone Is For You!

Don’t Like Chlorine? Ozone Is For You!

An ozone generator is a very effective way to kill bacteria in your pool. It will kill the kinds of bactreria that are chlorine resistant. However, it will not leave a disinfectant residual in your water which is necessary for safe, algae free water. So, an ozone generator is usually combined with a salt chlorine generator. This combination results in very safe water, and the lowest possible levels of chlorine. AutoPilot makes an excellent combination product called the CoPilot. If you are interested in learning more, please give us a call at (239) 574-1133.


Reclaimed Water and Your Pool

Should you fill your pool with reclaimed water? Your water bill says: “Florida law prohibits the use of reclaimed water to fill swimming pools.” There