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Is Your Pool Ready for Summer?

Is Your Pool Ready for Summer?

Warmer weather and more sunshine affect your pool in a number of ways. Pools can become so warm that it will be very difficult to stop algae from growing. So, if you have solar pool heating you will need to turn it off. A pool blanket will make the pool too warm in the summer. Rinse blankets off and store them out of the sun for the warmer months. More sunshine will deplete the chlorine in your water more rapidly, so you will need more chlorine. If you have a salt system, you make chlorine from salt. You will need to turn up the system to increase its output. If you are on our pool service, we adjust it to meet the needs of the pool.Cyanuric acid, also known as “stabilizer”, helps prevents the sun from destroying the chlorine so rapidly. You will want to keep your level of stabilizer at around 60-70ppm (parts per million).

Pool pumps need to run longer in the summer because the pool requires more filtration. Generally, pumps should run at least 8 hours in the summer. If you have a salt system you need to remember that chlorine is only produced when the pump is running.

Most pools use cartridge filters. Manufacturers suggest that the filter element that sits inside the canister be replaced every year. We find that they are generally good for two years. With the increased demand for filtration in the warmer time of the year, this is a good time to replace the filter element because worn filters reduce the flow.


Reclaimed Water and Your Pool

Should you fill your pool with reclaimed water? Your water bill says: “Florida law prohibits the use of reclaimed water to fill swimming pools.” There