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The Best Pool Service & Repair

The Best Pool Service & Repair

Most Lee County Residents don’t know how to determine the difference between a company that has truly outstanding pool service and repair from those whose work is average or poor. Every day, people switch to the Pool Doctor because:

  • Their tech didn’t show up.
  • The tech didn’t know what he/she was doing.
  • Their pool is green.
  • They are afraid their water is unsafe to swim in.
  • The tech looked like a drug addict/criminal.


We are different!

  • Our family owned (not franchise) business was founded in 1980.
  • Great customer service has made us the largest in Lee County!
  • We focus on YOU and YOUR NEEDS! We do business right!
  • Call us at (239) 574-1133 to see the Pool Doctor difference.


Reclaimed Water and Your Pool

Should you fill your pool with reclaimed water? Your water bill says: “Florida law prohibits the use of reclaimed water to fill swimming pools.” There