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Pool Leak Detection Services in Cape Coral

Pool leaks are a lot more common than most people think. 
Normal evaporation is 2-2.5 inches of water per week.
If you are losing more than this, you likely have a leak.

Leaks waste water and chemicals; they can cause structural damage to the pool shell and deck.

Pool Doctor offers complete residential leak detection services.  We are the first local company that utilizes the “Leakalyzer”, which can determine in about five minutes if a pool or spa is leaking.

The Leakalyzer has revolutionized our leak detection.  If you hire us to do leak detection and we find out that your pool is not leaking, we will not charge you the entire leak detection fee as most companies would.  We’ll only charge you for a service call.

If your pool is leaking, we can utilize dye testing, pressure testing and geophones to determine where the leak(s) are.  If you choose to have us repair the leak, we’ll use the Leakalyzer to ensure that we have repaired all of the leaks.

In this picture we are using the Leakalyzer to test the pool for a leak.

To schedule repair or leak detection service, call The Pool Doctor at (239) 574-1133.

Discover If Your Pool Is Leaking

If you’d like to determine for yourself if your pool is leaking, you can do what is commonly called the bucket test. It works better than marking the water level because it will work even if it rains.

How To Do A Bucket Test

Step 1: Bring the pool water to normal operating level, usually in the middle of the skimmer or tiles.

  • Note: if your pool is one of the few pools with an automatic water make-up, it must be turned off before your conduct the test.

Step 2: Place a bucket filled with pool water on the top step of the pool.  You may need to weigh down the bucket with a brick or large rock so it won’t get knocked over.

Step 3: Add or subtract water from the bucket so it matches the level in the pool.

Step 4: Check the level 24 hours later.  If the pool water is below the water level in the bucket, you have a leak.