Renaissance UV and Ozone

Pool technology marches on!  Don't like chlorine?  The Renaissance UV and Ozone system is for you.  It can kill patogens such as crypto and giardia that are very difficult to kill wilth chlorine.  Systems such as this are used in water parks thoughout Florida.  A high energy, long life bulb produces the UV and Ozone.  With this system you will still have to have some chlorine in the water.  But, it can be a very low level.  Call us at (239) 574-1133 for more details.

Time to upgrade?

Pool technology has really advanced.  Pentair makes a combination automation and salt system.  You can control your pool from your cell phone!  For example, you can be out to dinner, turn on your spa with the ap, and it will be ready when you get home.  With the salt system, you will never buy chlorine again.  Silky smooth water and less maintenance.  Call us at (239)574-1133 and we can help you get the system that's right for your pool.

Don't like chlorine? Ozone is for you!

An ozone generator is a very effective way to kill bacteria in your pool.  It will kill the kinds of bactreria that are chlorine resistant.  However, it will not leave a disinfectant residual in your water which is necessary for safe, algae free water. So, an ozone generator is usually combined with a salt chlorine generator.  This combination results in very safe water, and the lowest possible levels of chlorine.  AutoPilot makes an excellent combination product called the CoPilot.  If you are interested in learning more, please give us a call at (239) 574-1133.

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